Holmes and Watson most solve a murder that took place inside a locked room in this world premiere comedy/mystery about the world’s greatest consulting detective.

Miss Helen Stone is engaged, but she  is terrified that she will not live to see her wedding day. Her sister, Julia, died under mysterious circumstances two years ago. Before her death, she mentioned hearing someone whistling in the dead of night. Last night, Helen awaked to hear whistling…

Much in the style of The 39 Steps, two actors play Holmes and Watson, while the remaining cast members play all the rest of the characters, switching hats, costumes, and accents in rapid fire changes to hilarious effect. Part classic suspense thriller, part outrageous comedy, Whistling in the Dark offers up both chills and laughter.

recommended for ages ten and older

by Margaret Raether
based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
May 12–28
Cheek Theatre

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