It is 1944 and and Matt Friedman, a middle-aged accountant from St. Louis is waiting in a deserted Victorian boathouse on the Talley place in Lebanon, Missouri. He is determined to win Miss Sally Talley, the shy, spinster daughter of the family.

Sally has doubts; they are so different. Everyone she’s ever known is a Protestant born in the USA. Matt is older, he’s Jewish, he’s an immigrant from Eastern Europe, her family thinks he’s a commie… he has a beard!

Totally honest, and delightfully funny, Matt refuses to accept Sally's rebuffs, correctly sensing her fears. Slowly, he charms his way past her fears and Sally awakens to the possibilities of a life together. After all, they’re kindred spirits — two ”lame ducks” who may be broken. But together, they are whole.

recommended for middle school and older

by Lanford Wilson
December 2–18
Cheek Theatre

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“…a marvelously written love poem
for an apple and an orange.”—NY Post

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