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Steel Magnolias

by Robert Harling • Sept. 7-24

Shelby’s upcoming wedding is hot gossip for the ladies at Truvy’s beauty salon.

The Lion in Winter
by James Goldman • Nov. 30- Dec.10, 2017

King Henry II has released his queen from prison for the holidays in this dysfunctional royal family.

Best of Enemies
by Mark St. Germaine • March 8-18, 2018

Ann, a black activist, and C.P. a Klan member, forge an alliance. Based on the best selling book.

The Woman in Black

by Stephen Mallarat • May 10-27, 2018

A spine-tingling Victorian ghost story about a mysterious woman.


Add on two bonus shows with limited runs

It’s a Wonderful Life • Dec. 10-27, 2018

George Bailey needs a miracle for Christmas.

Dying for Attention • March 23-25, 2018

Murder at the mystery convention. Whodunit?

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